Taylor’s Place

Tom Wallace is the beloved friend and colleague who inspired us to dream of a place where families facing terminal illness can make lifetime memories. We call it Taylor’s Place. This exceptional place honors Tom’s special daughter, Taylor, who is close to our hearts.

Despite a difficult, four-year battle with cancer, Tom never complained. Instead he focused on giving to others and spending time with his family. He wanted to engrave lasting memories on the hearts of his wife and his young daughter. In 2007, Tom lost his battle with cancer. Taylor was only 4. We remember Tom for his determination and positive spirit. We remember him for his caring heart.

To honor Tom, we took up his fight to bring hope to families – hope that is born in making memories in a private place that seems miles away from life’s challenges. Taylor’s Place is the sanctuary for creating these priceless memories.


Cotton Foundation Katy

My friend was gentle
My friend was kind
My friend was caring
My friend was honest
My friend was true
My friend was loyal

My friend was a son
My friend was a husband
My friend was a father
My friend was a brother
My friend was an uncle

My friend was courageous
My friend was a fighter

My friend continues to be an inspiration.

by: James Scaife, Tom’s dear friend

The Vision of Taylor’s Place

A 16-acre ranch on the outskirts of Katy, Texas is home to The Cotton Foundation. It’s also the place where we dream of giving families a private retreat where they can make memories together. This is Taylor’s Place.

Phase 1 will construct an entertainment lodge where families can get away for the day. They can explore the beauty of nature, try their hand at fishing and rock climbing, or enjoy a peaceful picnic in the serene surroundings. Or perhaps it’s a trip to the baseball field or standing arm-in-arm watching a brilliant orange sunset. For those who prefer to stay indoors, maybe catch a movie in the viewing room or a room filled with electronic games is the way to go. Or maybe it’s printing out those photos of the day and creating a memory book together.

Phase 2 will add cozy cabins so families can enjoy overnight stays. Under starlit skies and surrounded by the warmth of an outdoor fire, families can tell stories, laugh and bond. The retreat-like atmosphere of Taylor’s Place is sure to foster love and hope and help families make the most of their time together.