Hope After Harvey

Cotton Foundation honored to be a part of Renewal Day

Over the weekend Cotton Foundation and Cotton Ranch Events was honored to host “Renewal Day: Renewing Hope After Harvey.” Organized by Lauri Williams and Diana Swift, this initiative collected professional clothing and accessories from the donations of ladies in Houston’s energy, banking, and legal communities. Through the collaborative effort of the organizers, donations from over 30 companies, dedicated volunteers, and Cotton, we were able to replenish professional wardrobes for nearly 100 Houston women.

Swift said “I think every woman that either came to volunteer or came to shop yesterday left as a different person. This was an amazing journey for me. We had people that didn’t know each other become great friends because of this mission. Besides the 30+ companies that supported the event in some way, there were also many unbelievable individuals who came out of thin air to help. One woman who recently overcame cancer, and 2 hips replaced donated 40 suits, 20 pairs of shoes, scarves and about 25 handbags. And then she personally brought 2 ladies that lost their entire wardrobes in the flood to the shop yesterday. Another woman who recently moved here from Venezuela told me that when the Volunteer Rescuers showed up at her home they told her she had 2 minutes to evacuate with them because the water was rising so fast. They also said she could bring 3 things with her. She chose to bring her dog, his dog food and a bag of clothes. She since moved 4 times and rotates 3 outfits around for work – she works at the American Heart Institute and they helped her find an apartment and get another car. One of the “Rescuer’s” is now the love of her life – she said that each day that she wakes up in the morning she THANKS GOD for HARVEY. One of the shoppers yesterday had 18 feet of water in her home for over 12 days!

We had about 10 volunteers on Saturday show up to help move the clothing to Cotton. It took 10 cars and SUV’s to move all of the inventory of Suits, jackets, sweaters, jewelry, scarves, shoes, boots, & handbags.

We had about 12 volunteers help out yesterday which allowed for nearly 100 women to replace some of their professional attire. It was a small gesture but so worth it!

Every single thing that every person or company did allow for the success of the mission – which was to help women replace their career wardrobe and get back to work feeling empowered and beautiful! THANK YOU TO COTTON for your gracious support. The venue couldn’t have been better for us.”